These sculptures look great mounted on oak plinths or hanging from trees, where they will move in the breeze. The small and medium versions have 3cm blades while the larger has a combination of 3cm and 4cm blades. The three mounted ferns have plinths about 80cm tall and different diameters, depending on the sculpture size. The hanging ferns come with wire for fixing.

Mounted Circle Ferns

Large (W50cm x H50cm x D28cm) H80cm on plinth£360
Medium (W42cm x H42cm x D23cm) H80cm on plinth£330
Small (W36cm x H36cm x D22cm) H80cm on plinth£300

Hanging Circle Ferns

Large (W50cm x H50cm x D28cm)£300
Medium (W42cm x H42cm x D23cm)£260
Small (W36cm x H36cm x D22cm)£230