Commissions and Care

Please ring or email if you would like to order or discuss any of my designs. I’ve made several of my designs larger to suit customers gardens and some of the larger ornamental stakes smaller! I’d be very happy to talk about a commission.

You are welcome to visit, I usually have a good selection of sculptures in the garden and gallery. Making an appointment is a good idea as stock levels go down as well as up or I could be out!

Regarding postage, I can send smaller stakes (Snowdrops and Mini Ruds) with Hermes or the Post Office. Medium sized sculptures like Circle Ferns and Duo Ferns (with plinth) can also be sent, at a sensible price with Parcelforce 48hrs. Larger orders, I usually deliver myself. We can usually work out a way.

Local delivery available free.

Payments by bank transfer, cheque, card (not over the phone) or cash.


The Rustic sculptures have an oil coating which will need re-coating occasionally, depending on it’s situation. For the majority of cases, a fresh coat every six months will be more than enough, keeping it in tip top condition. I use Owatrol oil, paint conditioner and rust inhibitor, which works very well, giving a fine sheen finish. You can buy a 500ml can online which will last a long time. Using a small sponge and rubber gloves, you can coat the sculpture reasonably quickly and evenly. Best to do it outside on a sunny day. Dries in about 6hrs. Great for removing any scratches on the surface too. One or two sculptures like the Cow Parsley seed heads are a little trickier to reach. You can buy a spray Owatrol oil which makes the job much easier.

The green oak plinth will weather to a silver colour in six months or so. Quite often these are partly weathered already. No treatment required. Comes with a recycled steel stake to secure it to the ground.