This is the Rustic Spiral Ground Fern. Staked into the ground, it looks as if it’s been blown on the wind and found a resting place on the lawn.
Made from mild steel, the leaf fronds are a series of 4cm strips welded onto a spiral steel stem. Sturdy yet will move subtly in the breeze. Once rusted sufficiently, it has been coated with a special oil to stop further erosion, giving it a darker satin patina. Will need recoating occasionally. For more info, see ‘Care’ page for details.
Once positioned flush to the lawn, it’s not easily removed, I find a garden fork best to prise it from the lawn, if you fancy repositioning it.

Measurement below doesn’t include the ground stake, which are about 35cm long.

Medium (H70cm x W28cm) £320

Dimensions may vary.